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Castlefield Primary School, 25 Lickprivick Road, East Kilbride, G75 9DH

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Dynamica, based in East Kilbride, is a not-for-profit charity aiming to provide musical education to the highest standards for young people, but retaining the sense of fun it should have. Members of the main band are aged from P5 to S6 at present, with our beginners class recruiting new members from P5 to P7 in local schools. If you would like to learn how to read music, play an instrument and be part of our band then get in touch!


We are currently recruiting for our beginners band as well as P5-S6 ages who already play a brass instrument. Parents and kids are invited to come along to one of our open nights and find out about the band, see what we can offer and kids can have a try at some of our many instruments. If you would like more information on joining Dynamica please contact us on the band mobile 07732086058 or by email